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On the Beardwalk

The most indulgent community in the world

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On the beardwalk

The most indulgent community in the world

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Resist nobly
Oh, onthebeardwalk. Even when unupdated, you are still my favorite thing.

I watched Snatch the other night. While I am not a Pittist in general, I find that I am in specific. Dude can rock the scruff.

Scruffy boys scrappin'---that's pretty much all I ever need from my entertainment.

Also, will someone else please make a post about the beards of Lost? It's worth documenting. Never before in the history of television has a show so bravely said "YES, PLEASE" to wave after wave of stubble.
  • Man, I love that movie! And yes, I completely understand: I'm not a huge Brad Pitt fan, but there are a few things that I just love him in. Snatch is one of them.

    If I actually watched Lost, I would offer, but alas! I do not.
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