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On the Beardwalk

A celebration of scruff in popular culture.

Prepare for bearding!
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to On The Beardwalk, a community dedicated to the beard in popular culture. Celebrity scruff---characters with marked stubble---people with spontaneous, unexpected beards. We are for them. Let us join hands and celebrate the handsomely hirsute.

Things you can post:
  • Links to beard-intensive trailers
  • Photos of bearded folks from movies/TV/comics/video games/etc.
  • Celebrities with beards

Things you CANNOT post:
  • Your beard
  • Your boyfriend's beard
  • This beard you saw on the bus this one time

That's not how we roll, fellas. Post personal photos and you'll get banned. Take that to beards and be blessed. Here we celebrate the impeccably groomed beards of the famous and imaginary.
beards, boys, celebrity beards, facial hair, goatees, moustaches, mustaches, not shaving, peach fuzz, scruff, spelling "mustache" "moustache", spontaneous beard growth, stubble, the hirsutely handsome, unexpected beards, whiskers